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The Daiquiri Shoppe

Where every hour is happy hour!

The Social:

“The Daiquiri Shoppe” is the spot for those who want to seize a spectacular beverage for an upcoming meeting, intended relaxation, video game gathering, or an undemanding athletic event. With flat screens, it’s a way to not neglect your favorite television channel, while grabbing your ultimate flavor. It’s a vital step before you plummet to the next occasion.

The Spirits:

“The Daiquiri Shoppe” has many flavors all inspired by New Orleans-style daiquiris. We offer Strawberry, 190, Hurricane, Margarita, and White Russian to name a few. Travel the world with one or copious flavors at a time.

The Spot:

Why the spot? “The Daiquiri Shoppe” has created an atmosphere where anyone 21 and over can either wind-down or get it started. We have superb servers and excellent service. Large screens above the bar and foyer area to spark your interest while waiting. Flavors by the gallon at “The Daiquiri Shoppe” for the connoisseurs of excellence. Clean, modern, comfortable, and a shortstop is what we bring to you at “The Daiquiri Shoppe”.

“The Daiquiri Shoppe”:

We’re taking the lifestyle and inspiration from the Big Easy and bringing it to you in the DFW.

Lagniappe (a little something extra)

“Laissez les bons temps rouler”